Sunday, September 14, 2014

Let's Kayak

Ilissa and I have a mini list of city adventures going and, with the perfect weather yesterday, we decided to do the one that involved water. As someone who has never kayaked before, I was a little intimidated by the bay waters. I'm sure you get the idea. There are cargo ships out there! Scurry. So, we went with the easiest route that City Kayak outlined for us, which involved looping around Pier 40, going past the ball park, and under two bridges to the house boats that line the channel. We only made it past the first draw bridge before our allotted rental time was up and we had to turn back. All the more reason to try this again and make it to the house boats! 


Sunday, August 24, 2014

Out & About in the Bay Area

One of the reasons that makes San Francisco, Part II so different than the Part I of my early twenties is that I am afforded the luxury of having my car in the city (thanks, Dom!), off the street and in a garage! I'm sure anyone who has lived or lives in a city as dense as "the city" will understand how awesome this lifestyle of having a car here is. It means I can go to Target whenever, drive to work if I want to splurge on all-day parking (I just did that on Friday for my first time - it was worth the splurge!), meet friends in the East Bay, go to Palo Alto when I crave suburbia, and take day trips to explore the surrounding area. When I lived here before, I could only go as far as BART and Muni allow unless friends rented cars, but now I can make it a point to explore a bit more.

Here are scenes from recent outings:

Pacifica is pretty and so close!

photo 1-1

photo 2-2

As is Point Reyes.

photo 3-2

photo 4-2

And, Tilden in Berkeley.

photo 5

Can't wait for more end-of-summer adventures!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

New Life Chapter + Kauai

Did I mention I moved to San Francisco (again!), started a new job, and turned 30? In an effort to make a real go of a new chapter and stick with my New Year's resolution of saying 'yes' to all new opportunities and possibilities, I took on a new job, freelance work, and school. It's been busy around these parts! I'm learning a lot and feeling really positive with my life's direction. As luck would have it, the second I started my job was the second I caught the travel bug. A homebody by nature, I've never experienced this feeling before, but I keep dreaming about a big trip. It will have to wait because I've only accrued 20 hours of vacation time! For now, I'll keep sourcing the internet for pretty pictures and keep looking at old travel photos like these ones from Kauai this past September. I never understood why people always keep going back to Hawaii like there's no other island on the planet, but I get it now, I can't wait to go back!

Sunday, October 13, 2013


Last month, I had the opportunity to leave California for the first time in too long and go to Hawaii for a wedding. As someone who has never been to Hawaii, you can imagine how in awe I was the second I landed on the island of Kauai. It really is a paradise. Some highlights include:

Stopping at view points on the drive from the airport to the hotel. Every twist and turn along the highway was an adventure from the start.

photo 1

Peering past the tall grass and foliage that line the Kalalau Trail to see the blue.

Lava rocks!
photo 3

No big deal, but Dom took me on a helicopter ride! I pushed through the motion sickness and took as many pictures as possible of the Na Pali Coast, the most dramatic coastline I've seen yet. With most of the island inaccessible, it was nice to have the chance to see it all from above, a new perspective of the world I could get used to.
photo 2

Stopping off at one of the fruit stands along the main highway to drink a mid-day smoothie.

photo 4-1

The event of the century and the reason why I went to Kauai took place in the botanical gardens.
photo 3-1

Another pretty scene in the botanical gardens and the site of the wedding ceremony.
photo 2-1

Monday, July 15, 2013

Comfort reading is just as fun as comfort eating. I just finished Julia Child's My Life in France and enjoyed every second of escaping to Paris last week. 

Now I'm working on Alice Waters and Chez Panisse!

If you have any other food biographies, pass them my way. I'm hooked! 

Thursday, January 3, 2013

New Year's Trip

Before I fully get into 2013 mode, I'm still reminiscing about my new year's trip to San Francisco. With all my extra days off, it made sense to have one last trip up north. Even though we rang in the new year in the quietest way possible (watching North by Northwest and eating food), the trip itself was a way to go out with a bang. So much socializing, and eating and coffee drinking and pub crawling, city romping and downtown ice skating, and long walks from the Mission up to Japantown.

Happy New Year!

(passing by a community garden in Hayes Valley)

(coffee at Heath and Smitten Ice cream)

(windows at Heath)

(florals at Mission Pie)

Thursday, December 13, 2012

My work schedule can be pretty erratic. Sometimes I work 10 hour days and sometimes, like yesterday, I have a mid-week day off. It's usually on those days off where I get stressed and try to make grand, conclusive life decisions and can't appreciate the moment at all, but yesterday I made an effort to just appreciate and remind myself that "life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans" (John Lennon).

Sunday, December 9, 2012





This might be the prettiest people-in-their-garden-spaces photography spread I've seen yet.

Image credit: ye rin mok for Wilder Quarterly 

Sunday, December 2, 2012

I'm really loving all the fog and clouds these days. I come from a town that was once rated the second best weather in the nation by Nat Geo, so you can't blame me for wanting some drama every now and then. 

Monday, November 19, 2012

Day Trip to Solvang

My friend, Ilissa, and I were dead set on having a day trip this weekend as we were craving quaint town strolling with some nature. The weather was bad, but we didn't let it stop us. We chose Solvang even though we know it's old people town, but Danish pastries are tasty and it's just fun to stroll through a small town drinking tea. Even though I live in this area code, I never make it out here because normally if I'm going north, I'm just going to Santa Barbara. We stopped by a miniature pony farm (the highlight of my day) and made it up to Mission Santa Ines too. This day reminded me that there's so much to do around here and hopefully next time we can do hiking around Lake Cachuma and go wine tasting.

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