Saturday, July 11, 2009

Iconic Snaps...

SFMOMA's latest exhibit is of Richard Avedon.

It's too hard to pick a couple of favorites, but if I had to, I really like both of these photographs of Stephanie Seymour and Twiggy for their light and airy feel, yet also love how they can be so dramatically full of movement.

"When the sitting is over, I feel kind of embarrassed about what we've shared. It's so intense. Snapshots that have been taken of me working show something I was not aware of at all, that over and over again I'm holding my own body or my own hands exactly like the person I'm photographing. I never knew I did that, and obviously what I'm doing is trying to feel, actually physically feel, the way he or she feels at the moment I'm photographing them in order to deepen the sense of connection" - Richard Avedon, 1985


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