Monday, December 28, 2009

The Delicate Kind + Links

I know I've come across this somewhere in the blogosphere, but I can't recall where. So, anywho, Anthropologie has the most beautiful collection of "underpinnings" that I can't stop looking at.
(All images found here.)

Also, here are a couple funny and/or insightful articles that I wanted to keep on file..
-retiring 2009 trends: here
-blogger takeover: here


  1. I love love that second photo--so pretty! Thanks for stopping by today Dyan, hoping you're enjoying the calm after christmas!

    xo Mary Jo

  2. funny, i wanted to comment on the 2nd photo as well! the racerback is so unexpected - like a frilly sports bra with no support. i like it!

  3. I rarely wander about the underwear section at Anthro and now I remember why -- so many lovely things, I'd just want to buy them all!

  4. Love love love LOVE these! They are simply per-fect! Thanks for sharing...


  5. wow, i didn't even notice the fact that the second photo is racerback! how funny! dreamy!

  6. Very sexy and feminine... gorgeous!!!