Thursday, January 7, 2010

H&M Report

Since we're experiencing 70 degree weather during January here in southern California, I guess it's appropriate to start getting excited about a Spring wardrobe. H&M is giving me a lot to look forward to!

Garden Collection:

Speaking of H&M, they really need to get their act together - came across this article here.

*All images from Refinery 29 here.


  1. H&M are getting better and better and really giving Topshop some good competition. However, reading the article about them slashing all their unsold clothes to be sent to be dumped is so sad. To think how there are so many people living in poverty within the States it makes me really sad that the head honchos are not sending the clothes to people in need.

  2. whoa, shame on H&M! big turn-off. don't really wanna shop there now. (but will my boycott add to the heap of discarded clothes? O dilemma!)

  3. hate they are not available online... :(

  4. I'm happy to hear that h&m are improving on business practices =)