Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Lillian Bassman

I came across this article about fashion photographer, Lillian Bassman, who developed her own photography technique and later turned away from the fashion industry altogether. I found it to be a really fascinating read about her life and career and how, at 93 years old (wow), she is now experiencing a revived career after being out of the spotlight for many years.

"She studied the great painters. She knew exactly what, in an El Greco, elicited a breath of awe, and she wanted to evoke that feeling in her own work. "I spent my life in the museums studying old masters from different periods," she said in a recent interview. "Elegance goes back to the earliest paintings. Long necks. The thrust of the head in a certain position. The way the fingers work -- fabrics work. It's all part of my painting background." In the darkroom she spent days using a brush, bleaching a print to create dream-like contrasts and abstract effects. To give her photos dimension, she often shaded faces and clothes. The process added mystery while affording her female subjects power and presence." - LA Times

* All images found here.


  1. These photographs are amazing. I'll have to look up and find out more about the technique she used. It's really gorgeous -- especially that last photo.

  2. So fabulous! I was so blown away when I saw these in the LAT yesterday! p.s. You're mentioned today over at trustyourstyle.com!


  3. Wow, incredible! Thank you for sharing these, I'm spellbound.

    (Happy Valentine's Day!)