Thursday, February 25, 2010

Ooh la la...

I was flipping through the digital pages of the LA Times Magazine and came across this photo of what appears to be the definition of a masterpiece. This under garment is made by Strumpet and Pink and is obviously too exquisite to be hidden under clothes.

Photo found here.


  1. Perfect for channeling our inner French Maid fantasy!

  2. Haha! those are fun. doubt they'd fit under my leggings though : )

  3. Agreed, those are pretty amazing! Not as though I need any more crazy ruffly underwear, but I wish their website had shop information... it looks sort of like a splash page almost?

  4. EEk! I love these. I'd wear them around the house :) xo

  5. Ahhh I'd seen these somewhere around... They are so sexy they give me vertigo! Love them
    How have you been darling?

  6. Ditto Shannon above!
    They are precious!

    I just gave a friend who works for American Airlines some little tissues which say,
    "I see London, I see France, I travel the world in ruffled underpants" LOL

  7. I love these! I wish my bum would look that look in those... back in my ballerina days I could have pulled them off- thanks for joining my blog- I love yours! I'll be back soon!