Wednesday, March 31, 2010

My Garden Project

This spring I'm trying to revamp the garden and I just wanted to share some photos of the project. =) It's in the early stages, but I hope one day it will become my vision of a lush, overgrown, full blooming garden..

My grandpa welded the iron pot holder.
I can't wait to see the Day Lily bulb blossom. I planted some Freesia bulbs in the pot too..hoping they sprout soon.
The little Lobelias have the tiniest flowers..

This gardenia has 12 buds...exciting!

I got this Chrysanthemum at the 99 Cents Store and it's thriving..
Purple Shamrock is a bit sensitive and could be doing better..
Can this please turn into my visions already?
If anyone has tips, feel free to share..I know there is a lot to consider like border plants, shrubs, ones that don't need much water and therefore are sustainable..I'm in over my head. I don't have the slightest idea about gardening and just enjoy buying a plant or two on trips to stores =)


  1. what a great project!! i miss having a garden... oh well, i have a wonderful orchid... its my baby!

  2. I don't know much about gardening, but this looks like a great start! And I love that little guy sitting in the flower pot...

  3. Your garden looks absolutely lovely. I wish I could give you more advice, but I always try to avoid killing everything. My garden rules though: Always plant what you love the most. You'll be happy to have flowers that come back on their own every year. Tomatoes are a delicious addition to any garden.

  4. How exciting Dyan! And go gramps! I really want a lush garden too, but I don't have the space right now. A deck herb garden is as close as I will get. Can't wait to see your garden grown up a bit. Keep posted progress pics! xo

  5. so pretty! I wish I had time to maintain a garden. my parents were botanists so as a kid I always loved plants... but now I don't get to keep any bc I'll be too busy to water any of them. yours look lovely!

    ps. if you have time please check out my blog:

  6. I love this post... nice to get to know you a little bit better... wish you great success with it!

  7. you must get the latest Sunset magazine. I've learned alot about gardening from that mag and I can't wait to start growing herbs and tomatoes when I move.

  8. how fun! this makes me want to go plant some flowers! make sure to upload more photos as they grow! :D

  9. I don't do too many flowers but I'm working on some basil and best advice is to use the Miracle-Gro soils...they have a great water release one and it seems to be working well on my week-old plants already! Also, I'm a firm believer and devout user of miracle-gro plant food! You just add it to water once a week and water your plants. It really helps them grow. Basically, make sure the plants are planted deeply enough, have enough space to grow, are in the right place with the right about of light and heat (some plants can sit in the sun all day, others shade, some need a little of both, etc.). It's kind of a trial by error thing....your garden looks great so far though! Good luck! If you enjoy tomatoes, you can get some that are great in pots!