Sunday, March 7, 2010


Well, another Oscar season has come and gone and this year I watched the entire ceremony. I was pretty impressed with the red carpet dresses, so I wanted to share my favorites. First up, a photo of Faye Dunaway in 1977 after winning her Oscar award the previous night. Doesn't this photo seem like the epitome of classic Hollywood glamour?

(found here)

Now onto some red carpet highlights...

Who are some of your favorites?

*Images found here.


  1. I'm in love with that Faye Dunaway picture, you're right, it's so glamourous! I love the way the 70's the last years of true glamour in Hollywood and that reflects in its decadent style!

  2. That Faye Dunaway picture is so completely awesome it deserves a better adjective than awesome to describe it. I love it when moments like that are captured. As for my red carpet favorites, I actually skipped the Oscars last night and did schoolwork...I didn't really have a choice.

  3. I'm glad you both like the photo as much as I did!

    Marta, you are so right in that this pic captures the last of true Hollywood glamour! I wish I could go in a time machine and experience just a taste of that decadence =)

    Brandi, good job at sticking to your guns and focusing on school work for the night=)

  4. Penelope Cruz's is my fave! So classy and flattering, and the color is gorgeous on her.

  5. Love your highlights! The top two images were my faves.

  6. God it's so easy to forget how gorgeous Faye Dunaway was--those legs! There were a lot of good dresses at the Oscars this year I thought. It was hard to pick a favorite, but probably the blush Elie Saab gown.

    Hope your week is going well Dyan!

    xo Mary Jo

  7. Love the Faye Dunaway picture... so amazing! I loved the Chanel dresses... one being on Sarah Jessica Parker, and I thought Rachel Adams (McAdams?) was gorgeous too... in her watercolor esque flowing gown. Can't wait to post my faves.

  8. love demi moore, rachel mcadams and penelope cruz, definitely! :)