Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Shoe Clips

These Alice and Wonderland inspired shoe clips are adorable...I can think of a few pairs of shoes in my closet that can use a whimsical shoe garnish...

Spotted here; available here.

Plus, a profile piece on fashion bloggers by 7x7 Magazine.


  1. super cute! i like that they are removable so you're not limited to wearing them on one pair of shoes, or even on the same spot on each shoe. great way to add some visual interest to an outfit. wonder if you can wear them in your hair??

  2. I think the clip flowers for the shoes is a clever idea!

  3. I saw the spread today in 7x7, it's a really great look into how serious SF fashion bloggers are. I loved the girl wearing red tights on BART.

  4. Ooh cute shoes! Love the clip idea. AND the rest of your blog is too pretty for words, you've got yourself a new follower :)

    Have a fab week xoxo

  5. Hi there,
    I have chosen your blog to be my favorite of the month... you can check out one of your posts on my page at! So glad I found your wonderful blog!

  6. Shannon, great idea about making them hair clips!

    Marisa, i blogging is serious, huh?

    Patricia and Lara, thanks for your kind words...going over to your blogs right now =)

  7. um best idea ever! you could morph every shoe in your collection thanks to these helpful dittys! thanks for sharing...


  8. oh so cute! very very clever indeed!

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  9. so cute! I love the idea of shoe clips. you can have a new pair of shoes without having to buy a new pair of shoes!

  10. Great idea! Perfect color combo for an Alice look.