Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Garden Inspiration

I thought my gardening ambitions would have waned by now, but surprisingly it's still going strong. Today I'm daydreaming about...

-a garden cart-

-a wooden bench-

found here and here.


  1. Oh me too girl. I totally found myself browsing the Ikea website today looking for cheap garden furniture and accessories ;) xo

  2. Love these for inspiration!! Definitely love that bench in the garden...so you can curl up with a book and lose track of time :)

  3. i'm in the process of looking for deck decor--that cart would be perfect!

  4. show more pictures of the progress of your garden!!!

  5. I love that garden cart from sfgirlbybay. It's gorgeous, especially against the black background.

  6. Love that table--thinking I want something like that to replace on in my corner. And I have also been obsessed with the bench too! We are on the same wavelength. The great thing about gardening is that if you do a little each day or even each week, it adds up, and in a few months you'll have a beautiful garden!
    xo Mary Jo