Saturday, September 18, 2010

Saturday Rose

My day is off to a good start with:

- healthful living (already ran a mile which is not that impressive, but for me it is)
- green tea with lemon
- reading magazines (as noted below)


  1. sounds like a nice and healthy day, love it! How is your internship going... Japantown meet-up soon?

  2. A mile is awesome -- everyone has to start somewhere. I used to hardly be able to run a mile and now I can run seven in a single day. And I think I'll need to grab some green tea today; it sounds perfectly delicious, especially for the cool weather we have at night.

  3. Such a pretty picture. Happy Weekend Dear!!

  4. what a beautiful post... love the flower and how delicate the whole image is... hope you had a great weekend!

  5. pretty shot! you really should post more of the photos you take - i think you have an eye for great pics :)

    miss you! let's make plans to chat & catch up :)