Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Sketchbook Project

I participated in a collaborative blogger art project hosted by Shannon of Happiness Is... Our sketchbook is a part of the The Sketchbook Project. The running theme behind ours is "Happy Thoughts" and nothing makes me happier than breakfast and the feeling of it being 11am (I've concluded that this is my favorite time of day). So, here is my contribution to our sketchbook. I chose to go with charcoal as my main medium with a hint of paint for color. This was a fun exercise to practice the skills (by skills I mean basic, 101 level) that I learned while taking the most amazing art class at the CCA.

Aside from this being a great experience to practice art, what I took away from this is that even with a common theme behind the project, everyone had their very own unique approach which was really amazing to see. Shannon has been posting three bloggers' works every day this week, so tune in to check out the rest of the project.


  1. wow, that's so great! what a fun idea for a blog series. i'll head over and check them all out. i can't wait to take some beginner art classes!

  2. you're SSSSSSSSSOOOOOOOO talented.
    i' can't even paint by numbers.
    who am i kidding? i can't even paint my toes.

  3. Love the sketch! I would also love to have breakfast at my house.

  4. thx for sharing this project, just checked out shannon's blog some really amazing posts.

    lovely sketches, they don't look basic to me! this is exactly what i'll be doing this weekend, late brekky, a cuppa tea with a stack of glossies!

  5. I just stumbled upon your blog and am loving it. Look at this beautiful sketch. Great job. I want this in my kitchen, framed right next to the kitchen clock.