Saturday, February 5, 2011

Going to Great Lengths

I've never been a long skirt person mostly because, as a really short person, I feel like I'm drowning in all the material and it can easily make make me appear even shorter. With that said, I love these looks and think maybe it's time I explore this skirt length a bit more and give it another try.

(image via designlovefest)

What skirt length do you feel most comfortable in?


  1. I love knee length skirts best. I do have some shorter ones that I think I work well, but not very many longer ones at all, though I always admire those on other people.

  2. not a long dress person (apart from one maxi dress i got from tokyo that was designed for smaller ladies) wearing one reminds that i need to be about one foot taller to be able to carry the dress properly!

  3. I love all types of skirts and I adore wearing long pieces:) Wish you a great Monday, darling

  4. You looked great in the long dress Dyan so I hope you will wear more! I think the key is keeping the volume right for your build. The new mid length is super tricky to wear since it can make even tall people look weirdly cut off. I think below the knee or above the knee are the 2 most flattering lengths besides long. Hope you had a great weekend!

    xo Mary Jo

  5. i feel exactly the same way. i'm only 5 ft so long skirts/dresses look terrible on me. i love knee length, or maybe slightly longer if i'm going for more of the 50's look. those are both fun styles.

  6. i love both of those skirts! i really need to add some lengthier skirts to my wardrobe...maybe it should go on our to-do list for the next time i'm in CA :)