Monday, April 4, 2011

Oh Yoko

Spent some time cleaning out old magazines this weekend and came across this piece in Rolling Stone and realized I'm really interested in learning more about Yoko lately. She is an artist in her own right, but I don't know much about her art and music, yet feel increasingly fascinated by her. I think I'm longing for a female hero right now. If anyone has any biography recs, send them my way!

Happy new week!!


  1. Yoko is definitely an interesting character. I'd love to get to know her better too. Happy Tuesday, Dyan!

  2. i feel like i've heard some of her music and seen a couple pieces of her art, but now i can't remember what/when/where that happened. it's true, she's all over the history books, but when i stop, i realize i don't know anything other than she was with john. hmm...

  3. She's so fabulous. Let me know what you find in the way of bios. All I know really is what I've seen in the documentary Imagine, where John talks about what a famous artist in Japan she was in her own right when they first met.

    xo Mary Jo

  4. Yoko Ono is a fascinating woman. So talented and inspiring!