Thursday, May 19, 2011

Rose is a rose is a rose is a rose

The first bloom from my orange rose plus a Diane Von Furstenberg quote I found in twitter:

"Beware of your words for they become actions, of your actions for they become habits, of your habits for they become character" - DVF


  1. Gorgeous Dyan! I love apricot/coral roses, they are so special and unique--just like you :) p.s. I'm such a sucker for anything DVF! I posted one of her dresses today, so we are on the same wave length!
    xo Mary Jo

  2. Beautiful Rose and such a true comment by DVF

  3. Oh, that quote. I'm working on my words and habits and making some new habits. Takes time. And wouldn't it be fantastic to have a dress the color of that rose?

  4. that's such a great quote! also, i think it's such a great thing to keep in mind for making GOOD changes in your life - use words {mantras, self-talk} to create healthy actions, which can become good habits, and grow a beautiful character.

  5. oooh what a great quote, thanks for sharing, you know how I love quotes :)

  6. gorgeous!! gorgeous!! love that rose and quote!!
    weekend happy pretty girl!!

  7. Ooh that rose is so beautiful!
    I love orange roses they cheer me right up :)