Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Into the Woods

So, this day was part of new year's weekend in San Francisco. One of the goals was to make sure we did rejuvenating, restorative, and enlivening things to celebrate the new year. I think we did a good job making sure to set out early across the bridge into Muir woods. The weather was an important part of the day. It was normal foggy when we left the city, but when we got to the woods, it got dramatic. So much fog, and mist, and drizzle. The kind where your face feels cold and damp the whole time, fingertips and lungs chilled. I need this weather every now and then.

We were going to start a hike into the woods, but once we got up to those stairs we started sliding in the mud. It was impossible to go further. We laughed at how unprepared we were for this with toms and booties. Oh well. Let's just observe what we can.

Don't laugh, but the parking lot is really close to all of this since we couldn't go far enough in. It felt like our own world though. There's a lot to see!

It's normal to feel small in nature. Ilissa coined the catchphrase of the day: "small miracles!"

And, so much moss!

This is the type of day I live for.

Happy new year!


  1. Now I know how Ilissa feels when she sees our adventures- I wish I was there for couples in the woods party! Can't wait to hear/see more of your SF new year adventures : )

  2. hope you have a fantastic 2012 my dear!!!

  3. Beautiful moss covered trees.

  4. I absolutely loved Muir Woods when I got to visit! I only wished I had more time there for a long hike. I actually got into the woods on New Year's Day too -- it was a glorious 50-ish degrees (which counts as glorious for January on the East Coast) and I had such a nice 2-hour hike on my own. Restorative? Definitely. Hope you get to have more days like this!

  5. what a great get together and outing!!

  6. Absolutely stunning, would love to visit this spot. Happy New Year!