Saturday, September 1, 2012

Sonoma Sun




These photos were taken in the Sonoma sun. 


  1. oh joan.
    is this so weird. i refuse to read any of her books. i'll read her articles, and i try to watch/read all of her interviews, but i can't read her books.
    i identify with her way too much.
    her story scares me, and there's something in my {superstition} that feels so connected to her, that if i start to read her books, which i know i'll love, that her tragedies will become mine...
    so lame, i know.
    it's so weird how much i think about this woman.
    was even thinking about her yesterday as i was driving down to laguna with my husband thinking about how much i love him, and how sad i'd be if i lost him...immediately thought of joan.

  2. Joan!! I love to see this comment. Oddly enough, I think I've felt the same. I connect with her tragedies so much, even though I haven't experienced anything like them before. Joan Joan.