Tuesday, August 19, 2014

New Life Chapter + Kauai Dreaming

Did I mention I moved to San Francisco (again!), started a new job, and turned 30? In an effort to make a real go of a new chapter and stick with my New Year's resolution of saying 'yes' to all new opportunities and possibilities, I took on a new job, freelance work, and school. It's been busy around these parts! I'm learning a lot and feeling really positive with my life's direction. As luck would have it, the second I started my job was the second I caught the travel bug. A homebody by nature, I've never experienced this feeling before, but I keep dreaming about a big trip. It will have to wait because I've only accrued 20 hours of vacation time! For now, I'll keep sourcing the internet for pretty pictures and keep looking at old travel photos like these ones from Kauai this past September. I never understood why people always keep going back to Hawaii like there's no other island on the planet, but I get it now, I can't wait to go back!

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