Sunday, October 12, 2014

Mount Sutro

Spending some time at the Mount Sutro Open Space Reserve was unlike any city experience I've had yet. Only a short drive up 17th Street from the Mission and, all of a sudden, you're in the woods. It really is an escape — it's dense, it's lush, it's everything! But it was also confusing. Rather than entering the trail from the wooden staircase as outlined on Yelp, we (Ilissa, Dom and I) made our way through an unmaintained area full of poison oak. We laughed at the thought that of all the adventures, we might get poison oak on an urban hike. We also didn't study the map close enough and, after completing our hike through the right most section of the map ("Woodland Canyon"), we let the road that separates one section of the reserve from the next deter us, thinking we must have reached the end. How big can a reserve in the middle of the city be? Apparently, big! If we would have crossed the road, we have found that the trail continues. In the end, we only explored about a third of the reserve. Note to self: when urban hiking, don't let roads trick you into thinking it's the end of the hike. Crossing roads are a part of the urban trek.  

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