Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Olympic Empanadas

Inspired by the Olympic games, some friends, Dom, and I had a Brazilian-themed dinner party. While I still have a hard time boiling an egg in life (I wish I was joking!), I went ahead and committed to a rather bold (for me) recipe: empanadas! This included making the dough! 

The recipe called for Spanish chorizo, but when Whole Foods didn't have Spanish chorizo and out of sheer laziness to shop around, I thought I could get away with spicy Italian chorizo. Unbeknownst to me, I couldn't be more wrong!

I still enjoyed the whole process from making the dough, cooling the dough, making the filling, cooling the filling, to eating the "fusion" empanadas, but, deep down, I felt something important was missing. I'll have to try and tackle this recipe again one day with Spanish chorizo!

PS: That dish on the right though made by Ilissa is pretty A++.

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