Thursday, February 10, 2011

A Collection Of

Have you guys checked out A Collection Of? I've been going through their archives for the last hour and can't get enough after initially discovering this eclectic gem through Fashion Intel. They group topics by five defining categories: People, Places, Things, Animals, and Ideas.

A little more about the topics:

"People: human beings (individuals or groups); characters, interesting personalities; interviews, features, conversations, and profiles.

Places: a portion of space and places to go, real or imaginary; shows we think you should see; an exploration of location; get ready for adventure.

Things: objects, beings, entities; stuff we like and want you to know about.

Animals: organisms, furry friends, fauna, “with soul” and part of a kingdom.

Ideas: thoughts, concepts, abstractions, things to investigate; knowledge to share; experiences to convey."

Today I learned that Vladimir Nobokov was also a butterfly expert (who knew?) and how to find 'true north'.

Have you discovered any new sites lately?

(images via a collection of)


  1. I've come across a few good ones lately but I haven't had any time to sort through them lately. I just keep bookmarking them. Maybe this weekend I'll finally look at them again. Really like this find of ours though.

  2. ya.. i ve discovered yours! ha :) cuttte post girl! love it!

  3. I will have to check that out, it sounds really good and your last recommendation was mind-blowing :) I just spend way too much time on pininterest and need to literally make a cut-off time because I can go back and back for's sick. Hope you've had a great week Dyan! I am so ready for the weekend!
    xo Mary Jo

  4. i just signed up with pinterest, but i still have no idea what it is or how to use it. :) and i also just joined polyvore, after avoiding it for so long. i know i'm pretty behind the times in blogland, but i'm having fun with them now.

  5. I'm glad you like their site and mine as well! Enjoy reading yours and your twitter as well. Hmmmmmmm, what sites do I enjoy lately? Definitely Jeana Sohn, Phosphene and The Shapes of Things.

  6. Awww, thank you so very much! Gilda and I are so happy to have been part of the awesome connection from the lovely fashion intel to you to us. Huge heart. x aco

  7. A Collection Of, is such a great site, really addictive right? this is really random but i love, beautiful images of books and bookshelves from around the world!